The history of Burnaby Lake Greenhouses is rooted in a dream, a dream that involved risk, courage and, above all, family.

In the spring of 1951, Huibrecht (Herb) van der Ende emigrated from Holland to British Columbia with eight children and few personal possessions. The family moved to its first greenhouse facility close to Burnaby Lake in the winter of 1954, and then to the Guildford area of Surrey in 1961.

65 years later, Burnaby Lake Greenhouses is still proudly owned and operated by the van der Ende family. With over 200 full time employee’s operating over 1.2 million square feet of facilities with over 100 acres of land, at its roots Burnaby Lake is still a family business. Today the company is owned and managed by a team of second, third, and fourth generation van der Ende’s and a large group of skilled long-term staff.

 "As owners, we make a point to work hands-on in every aspect of our company to ensure our premium quality and service for our customers"

Our Systems

In order to maintain our product quality while increasing product output, we have had to become one of the leaders in greenhouse technology and innovation in Western Canada.

Our greenhouses utilize environmental computers that monitor and regulate growing parameters in our facility, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, light levels, and length of day. Additionally, we have a rolling palletized benching system that allows us to individually manage each environment, as well as to facilitate the highest levels of material handling. This system exponentially increases work place efficiency in order to better meet demand for our products, even during our peak seasons.

Growing Green

Burnaby Lake Greenhouses is always striving to increase our product output and improve product quality, all while minimizing our environmental impact. This is why we have combined our state of the art technology with policies that matter.

We work hard to minimize water waste by ensuring that all irrigation water is screened, filtered, pH and nutrient balanced, and then recycled back into our irrigation system. We have maximized our use of natural energy sources, which decreases our dependency and use of resources like natural gas, oil, and the power grid.

In addition, we make a point of recycling our materials as much as possible. All pots remaining from the previous season are sterilized and reused for new crops in order to reduce plastic waste. All natural materials, such as plant, flower, and soil waste, are composted on-site in a protected, covered facility in order to be recycled into high quality, nutrient rich growing media.